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YOU NEED MORE NEW PROJECTS!!! I paid for unlock a LONGGGG time ago.. & there Is RARELY new ideas anymore.. I always look for updates, almost daily, & am always left with disappointment.. I paid for value .. not GREED..we ALL want results

Emmers , 14.06.2012, 12:06

ive had this app for 2 1/2 month and i havent yet received any new backgrounds. i purchased it to get all the locked ones and now i dont get any new ones. ugh this sucks.

Jasmine, 08.07.2012, 01:59

why has thete not been any new pics last one i have is st Patrick day obe thats it pleaze get me newer ones thanks

I have not got any newer pics is months why

pam, 14.06.2012, 16:24
Response from the site administrator
Constantine, 15.06.2012
Brace yourselves, folks. Update is on the way!
Idea status: completed


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